Der Struwwelpeter Book. Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann initially wrote and illustrated the original “Struwwelpeter” book for his own 3-year-old son in the year 1884. Since then, it has been printed and reprinted over 540 times. Many of the lessons taught in this book are still equally important today, such as “Watch where you are going,” “Don’t play with matches,” and “Don’t lick your thumbs.” In the year 1926, the famous German children’s book illustrator Fritz Baumgarten recreated the harsh illustrations from the original version in an attempt to make the stories appear a bit milder and less frightening. This book is a reprint of this 1926 version, with the original text from 1844 and Fritz Baumgarten’s illustrations from 1926. 48 page hardcover book is 11¾” H x 9” W. Made in Germany.