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Handcrafted Black Forest Weather House. Made in Germany’s Black Forest, our beautifully detailed weather house is not your typical ‘souvenir’ type mini weather house, but a charming handcrafted large-scale wooden replica of a typical Black Forest chalet featuring an intricately handcrafted façade adorned with fret-cut Edelweiss blossoms, romantic window shutters with heart-shaped cutouts, flowers on the balcony and window sills, and carved fawns resting in the front of the chalet next to hand-carved fir trees. The Black Forest couple ‘weather forecasters’ add to the charm. A functioning thermometer between the two open portals indicates the temperature, and as we all know: Fritz comes out when skies turn gray, while Frieda appears on a sunny day. Made in Germany. 11½” W x 7½” H x 5¾” D.