Set of 2 Bierschinken tins. Authentic German-Style Specialties From Geier’s Sausage Kitchen®. Delicious and authentic creations from Karl Geier, Master Sausage Maker from Germany, who received his “Metzgermeister” Diploma under the strict rules of the German Sausage Maker’s Guild in the early 60’s, and brought his charcuterie skills and talents to the United States, where he has been making premium sausage specialties for over 4 decades. One taste of his Liverpate, Leberkäse and Bierschinken creations will have you convinced that they are even better than any of these same specialties that you may have enjoyed on a recent trip to Germany or Austria. Guten Appetit! Each variety is sold as a set of two 6.5 oz. tins for a total net weight of 13 oz. Made in the USA.